GDPR Compliance: Meeting EU Rules for data privacy

Stay on the right side of EU data privacy rules and avoid steep penalties for noncompliance.

How to comply with GDPR

In 2018, the European Union enacted new legislation to protect its citizens’ personal data potentially affecting every consumer brand worldwide. Read our EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guide for CISOs to get step-by-step instructions for bringing your organization into GDPR compliance.

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The Road to Compliance: Steps for Securing Data

Because this could affect nearly every website or app…it’s no wonder that GDPR compliance has become a top priority for CISOs around the world.”

How to comply with GDPR requirements
Read our guide for CISOs:

Protecting data from attacks and simplifying regulatory compliance is crucial for online businesses. In this guide for CISOs you'll learn:

The Road to Compliance, a CISOS Guide to GDPR

What is GDPR compliance?

Steps for bringing your data center into GDPR compliance

How Imperva data security solutions can help you implement the required data safeguards

Practical tips for preventing data breach disasters

Which companies are affected, and what the penalties are for non-compliance

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