Data security: Protect
your critical data from insider theft and misuse.

Malicious insiders, compromised employees, and misconfigured access policies pose the greatest data security risk.

Your strongest strategy

Read the 2019 Ovum white paper to learn how today’s data security solutions detect, contain, and mitigate data security breaches from inside your organization, and how to best deploy them.

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Only by investing in the security of the actual data can companies hope to reduce the risks to the business.”

What is data security?
Most cyber threats are an inside job.

Read the Ovum white paper to learn:

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Imperva is an analyst-recognized global cybersecurity leader who is championing the fight to secure critical data and applications wherever they reside— on-premises, in the cloud, and across hybrid environments. Our innovative, best-in-class solutions proactively identify, evaluate, and eliminate current and emerging threats from the ever-changing attacks of cybercriminals. More than 6,000 customers and 500 partners worldwide count on us to protect and provide a secure foundation for their organizations. Learn more at


  • Why databases are your most vulnerable asset

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  • Tips for deploying data activity monitoring (DAM)
    and data risk analytics 
  • Differences in Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms, Data Loss/Leak and Prevention (DLP) tools, and file security management systems 
  • Best practices for deploying encryption and data masking to provide a second level of security for stolen data
  • How data security solutions can work together to enhance your entire security infrastructure