Secure critical apps from edge to inside.

Only Imperva delivers unified cloud web application & API protection (WAAP). With market-leading WAF, Bot Management, and DDoS protection to secure your critical systems & applications, everywhere they reside.

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15 years of leadership, 6200+ global customers 

Reduce risk with defense in depth.

Cloud WAF, CDN, DDoS and bot management, including account takeover protection, work together in a single, integrated stack

Bot management tools protect websites, mobile apps and APIs against all OWASP automated threats.

Industry-leading SLA backs 3-second DDoS mitigation.

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) for zero-day attack protection from inside the application.

Imperva is the only analyst-recognized, market leader that provides actionable analytics and cybersecurity tools to manage risk from the network edge to individual apps, providing:

Understanding your objectives is important when evaluating security solutions. Download this ebook to see the 14 questions you should ask when considering any application security vendors.

Leader in Customer Choice Distinctions


Leader in the Forrester New Wave for Bot Management


Leader in the IDC Marketscape for DDoS


Leader in the Forrester New Wave for RASP


Leader in the Forrester New Wave for RASP, Q4


World-class application security solutions

Flexible, easy solutions for any environment—on-premises, cloud or hybrid

Application security solutions take just minutes to deploy.

Software security updates are immediate and automatic.

Near-zero false positives keep systems running and productivity high (90% of customers use Imperva Cloud WAF in blocking mode).

Imperva protects 6200+ enterprises and millions of people daily

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Imperva is the cybersecurity leader whose mission is to protect data and all paths to it. Imperva protects the data of over 6,200 customers from cyber-attacks through all stages of their digital journey. Imperva Research Labs and our global intelligence community enable Imperva to stay ahead of the threat landscape and seamlessly integrate the latest security, privacy and compliance expertise into our solutions. Find out more at

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